Monday, December 14, 2009

Being Silly and things Brooklyn enjoys doing!

When I downloaded some pictures from my camera I came across these three pictures of Brooklyn! This was back in October. She is such a camera nut! She loves to take pictures of anything, including herself!

Here are three pictures she took of herself! I love you Brooklyn!

When its too cold to go outside Brooklyn loves to paint! Among other things, she loves to play with puzzles and wants to do a 500 piece one I keep putting off doing cause it would take FOREVER! She also loves to read books, play chutes and ladders, dominoes, rummikub and scrabble (she is still working on figuring out how the games work (dominoes, rummikub, scrabble) often we just line them up and make train tracks or even number them out. She is very creative!

Loves to eat ice cream... especially when its a late night snack!

She enjoys putting on her scarf and gloves that Aunt Amie sent to her! She also loves her lady bug boots! I know these things don't match but sometimes I don't want to put up a fight about it. We are at the library which is another thing Brooklyn loves to do when we are stuck inside.


JWolfgramm said...

oh my.... she is sooo cute! Look at those eyes! They are just beautiful!! I can't believe your baby is coming so soon!!! How exciting!