Sunday, December 13, 2009

More things we have done, I know I have so many pictures to post... we have done alot!

More pictures that need to be posted! We really did a lot for the first couple of months that we were here since Matt had alot time off before school and swimming got busy.

The Genese River. We took a stroll at one of the biggest parks I have ever seen and its so beautiful and such a fun place for the whole family!

We took Brooklyn to the "Lollypop Farm". Its an animal adoption facility but they allow families to come and see all the animals. Brooklyn had a great time and just loved to see all the dogs! She got so excited and wanted to visit every room where the dogs were!

Taking a few poses outside in the nice weather. We saw all the outside animals, horses, cows, sheep, goat, ducks, etc.

Showing my little bump.... that was then...

Love Brooklyns face! I think she was tired of us getting pictures of her!

What can I say? Such a sweet angelic face....

Checking out the goats!

Matt and the cow having a staring contest.... Matt DOES NOT like cows! He has had bad experiences with them while dirt biking and even to the point where he drove over one on the freeway and took a dive in the car! Luckily he was alright and luckily the cow was already dead when he ran over the cow (this happened at 1:30 am in morning after Matt had dropped me off from a date before we got married).


A painted statue of a horse. Pretty artistic! They seem to have lots of different horses created in different ways, hence the mitt horse in the below post.