Saturday, December 12, 2009

More random things we have done since we have moved to NY

I have not been doing a good job posting the pictures of things we have done since we have moved here like I said I would.... Time just gets away from me! I guess thats a good thing to say because it shows I am busy here and not wallowing in depression or anything that I am not in Utah with my family, although I do miss them. But I am enjoying it here with new friends and a new adventure. I also love the dependency Matt and I have for each other since we don't have other family around. Its been really good for us and I love spending time with my little girl! So here are some random pictures from a couple months ago!
One of my absolute all time favorite picture of Matt and Brooklyn. We were at the Red Wings baseball game. It was deaf night and we got to meet some great people, eat free food and just mess around (see below).... I love Brooklyn's smile.... so darling...

Not sure what I was doing, but I think I remember Brooklyn asked me to make a funny face since she was playing with the camera and wanted to take pictures. Its not so much a funny face as it looks like a scary face! For those who know the Kelsch family, we can make some pretty wierd faces! I guess we are just so animated!

At the game!

We have a neighborhood pool and Brooklyn was just dying to get a swim in! It was the first of Sept when the weather was still warm! We pass by the pool everyday and she just can't wait to back in! Unfortunately we only got to go one time since the pool closed for the season on Sept. 7th.

Strutting her stuff!

Back in Sept Matt wanted to swim on this 2 mile course he heard about at Candandaigua Lake. When we arrived we were amazed at how they blocked off sections for a "swimming pool" it was really neat and we definitely know we are going to go back in the summer several times!

Into the freezing water he goes on his two mile swim out!

Brooklyn and I waited on the grass for dad and she had the camera again. She is pretty good at taking pictures don't you think? If I had known we could swim I would have brought her swim suit so she could swim too! Darn it!

After the swim! He felt good about it and just loves to swim! You are so Hot cutie!

On the way back home from the Lake, Matt spotted this "smooth long boarding hill" and he just had to get out and take a stroll down it. He loooves to long board and will stop any chance he gets to take a fun ride! We keep the long board in the trunk for that reason!