Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Fun in Rochester! (WARNING... blog entry is long!)

Matt and I were not able to go home for Christmas this year since I am due in 22 days!  We didn't want to risk having the baby on the road or on the plane! :)  Although it would have be great to be with our families we enjoyed being at home with just our family and watching Brooklyn enjoy all the gifts she received. I am doing a lot better than I thought I would not being with my family but then again I have surprised myself the last few months adjusting well here! Normally I don't adjust to change well and when I have adjusted, I am doing just fine and don't want to change again haha.

We have been able to enjoy many Christmas parties, Brooklyn's preschool Christmas pageant, dinner outings with friends, visiting Christmas displays around the town, making gingerbread houses and Christmas treats, and shopping! We are so blessed this year to have Matt home with us for the holidays for 3 whole weeks! Since he is a student and a swim coach the school was closed for the holidays which meant we got Matt all to ourselves and still have him to ourselves until New Year's Day, he will be gone for a whole week. He will be flying out to SUNNY Florida for swim training with the team he coaches... lucky you Matt... all warm and getting some tan while I am all cold and big with child! haha I am glad he gets to go becuase he is just loving the coaching job and misses all his swimmers! Let's just hope the baby doesn't decide to come early!

During our break we have also been transferring all our "junk" that I thought I had de-junked before we moved here into storage bins we got on sale!  We are tired of cardboard boxes breaking and not finding where our stuff is at if we need it. Going through this process we are de-junking again! Its amazing how some things are hard to part with.. hint hint Matt..... I could say that a good number of the boxes are my sweet husband's and he has a hard time parting with them... Silly guy!

Brooklyn is such a sweetie! She is growing so fast and maturing into a cute young kid! She is so excited for baby Taylor to arrive and always wants to buy stuff for her. The other morning out of the blue while we were all laying in our bed Brooklyn told daddy, "Dad when Taylor is born, I am going to share with her all of my toys!" She really has such a sweet spirit and Taylor is going to be so lucky to have such a great big sister!  Brooklyn often times comes and gives my belly a big kiss and often ask me if Taylor has been talking to me. I tell her that Taylor is so excited to be with her big sister and Brooklyns smile grins from ear to ear and she radiates... We love you Brooklyn!

Enjoy the pictures! There are so many!

Our sweet angel!

Getting ready to go sledding on Christmas day! Brooklyn got a new sled along with all the snow gear!

Getting ready to go sledding! Surprisingly there is not a lot of snow here in Rochester so we had to search for a big hill that had enough snow to down a few times. U of Rochester's big hills came through for us! You can't really tell but its raining....

The trek up the big hill!

This isn't a good picture but its the best I got! Dang it I need to brush up on my camera skills... Matt got me a new camera for Christmas along with Photoshop... I got some learning to do!

We visited a Christmas display that had 7 large trains running in a big village. I would love to have lived in that village... If only I could be like Mary Poppins and jump into it!

Isn't this so neat!

I love the drive in set up! The movie is the The Polar Express!

More displays!

During one of our Christmas shopping rounds we realized the kitchen we bought her was too big for the trunk! Hence the blindfolding!

All excited on Christmas morning! She didn't even notice all her presents to the left hahaha... We had to point it out to her. She came running down the stairs and ran right to the Christmas tree  and knelt down! It was so cute and funny!

Brooklyn's gifts she totally didn't see... how could she not I am not sure!

Our Christmas! Notice the bass amp on the far right. Matt LOVES this thing and is teaching himself to play the electric bass! He is doing so well and loves learning!

Brooklyn got a Baby Alive doll which actually goes #1 and #2... We won't actually be feeding her all the baby food the doll came with... don't want any accidents now do we! She is wearing her cute flower clip her cousin Kade sent her along with her silver bracelet (can't see). Matt and I also got her a pretty silver necklace with her name on it. She wore it all day!

Opening gifts!

Grandma and Grandpa Kelsch and Bailey both bought a Disney digital camera for Brooklyn. The above picture is a product of it! I love this picture!

Thought you might like to see my basketball belly! (Don't mind the not so matching clothes... We had just gotten back from a Christmas Eve party and I need to get out of my jeans and get comfy!)

Brooklyn just loved Santa Claus! She asked for a Dora doll which Santa brought her! She was so excited!

Making gingerbread houses at our friends house!

Brooklyn loves her preschool! She was one of the 3 wise men in the Christmas Pageant. She did so well on her part singing, "We three Kings". I am so grateful for a fun preschool that allows the teachings of Jesus and God. Not many schools can make reference to even Christ... What a blessing it is to have her in this preschool.

After the pageant the preschool kids and their families celebrated Jesus' birthday with yummy cake and a gift exchange between the children.

What's wrong with this picture?  Ummm... yeah Brooklyn's face says it all! We locked ourselves out by roping off the doors!

Jumping in like Dukes of Hazard!

At 7 months pregnant and able to fit myself through.... I did have help though... Matt had to pick me up so I could at least get my feet through! We laughed and laughed it was soooo funny!

During this holiday break Matt was able to take some tennis lessons from the head coach at U of R. He is just loving it!


Jenelle said...

SO much fun! We miss you guys. I'm glad you had a nice Christmas and I hope you're staying warm! We are excited to see you guys again. That's hilarious that Brooklyn didn't notice her presents. Especially with that HUGE Dora doll. She's so cute- I love all the pictures of her. The blindfolded one is so funny. You look darling too- all baby- you skinny thing. See you soon and thanks again for taking care of our mail while we've been gone!

Ann Mitchell said...

What fun experiences you are having! I especially love the picture of you climbing through the window! haha

Tamara said...

It looks like you guys are having so much fun! You look fantastic...I can't believe the baby will be here so soon! Every now and then Haidyn asks me about Brooklyn and I have to remind her that you guys live far, far away right now!

Cameron and Michelle said...

so fun to see your christmas! I can't believe it's already come and gone. you are getting soo close-your belly reminds me of mine! you really look great! Brooklyn is so cute.

Tim and Stefanie said...

What an amazing family you have!! I love seeing all the pictures and reading the stories.

By the way, I hope I look as amazing as you when I am 8 1/2 months pregnant. You are SO beautiful!!

Dena Coleman Bailey and Randy Bailey said...

Thanks for posting all the pictures. It makes being apart a tad eaiser. We love talking to you on the vr for Christmas. Love you guys.