Thursday, October 30, 2008

Amazing Nie Nie

I don't know if you have heard about a special family, especially their mother, Nie Nie, as they call her. You'll noticed I have a button on my blog that says, "Nie Recovery", click on in and you'll see why this family is so special. I happened to run over this article and was not prepared to read such a sweet but sorrowful story. I just bawled as I read this story and am in awe of the love this family has received from many and for the love the immediate family has shown.  I pray for Nie Nie and her husband Christian... Nie Nie your blogs inspire me to be a better person... the way you show your love for your children and make everything in their life seem like a big deal when it should be, the way you love your husband and keep it romantic, the way you bask in life, the way you love life.... 

Nie Nie has a long road to recovery and it's so comforting to know she has a wonderful family both in laws and her own to help her every step of the way.  God bless you Nie Nie and Christian.


Jamie said...

Hi Cute Baileys! This is Jamie, Matt's sister, and Stephanie's my friend thru her sister, Courtney. I am so happy (and surprised) how much her story has spread. Arent' they great? You guys are great, too. I am so glad Matt and Amie have you in their lives! XO