Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halloween Festival

The other day I found out about a Halloween Festival and I thought it would be fun for Matt and I to take Brooklyn. It was put on by the Young Living Farm in Mona which is about 45 minutes south of Saratoga Springs. The drive down was just beautiful and Matt was drooling over all the open land. Matt is a cowboy at heart and he would love to own some land so that his house is the only one around. Maybe his dreams will come true one day? (wink wink)

Going to the festival turned out to be a HIT, especially for Brooklyn. The cost was FREE for adults and children 2 and under. They had all sorts of fun things for kids to enjoy and again it was all free. The only thing we paid for was $3.00 for  3 bags of smores we were able to cook over a huge pit of fire with a band playing in the background. The smores were heaven with thick pieces of chocolate!  Below are some pictures of the fun filled night. Matt and I have decided we want to make this yearly tradition since we enjoy traveling together.  Come join us next year!

Brooklyn fishing for a prize! She won a sucker, her favorite kind of candy!

Hanging with the scarecrow, she sure doesn't look scared!

Brooklyn's favorite thing to do is JUMP, JUMP, JUMP! She spend a good 15 minutes inside the blow-up trampoline. The second she got inside she was like the engergizer bunny jumping and jumping and jumping. She kept trying to catch her breath as she interacted gleefully with us through the net... I, (gasp), am (gasp), having (gasp), FUN! 

Getting her face painted! This is a first for Brooklyn and she threw a fit when we washed it off before she went to bed. We were able to calm her down by telling her we would do it again sometime soon... We better keep our word or will she forget? She chose a bluish color for a spider web and sat so still as a tight drum! 

Now what does Mr. "Sheriff" Bailey think he is doing? You're supposed to clean up this town, not make a mess of it by drinking ROOTBEER!

Sheriff Bailey's sweet wife standing inside her store, trying to keep a bird's eye watch on her ROOTBEER drunk husband!

Brooklyn's first pony ride and she absolutely enjoyed it (though the picture doesn't seem to show much enthusiasm)! The pony's name is Sobe and he was quite the stubborn one. He had to be dragged and pulled by one of the volunteers. 

We had a grand ole time together and stopped off a Chinese place for some yummy food! Brooklyn love the miso and egg drop soup that she took the small bowl and cupped it in her sweet small hands and drank it! She's becoming a true Bailey like her parents, eating all sorts of foreign foods.


Tamara said...

That looks sooo fun! We've done Cornbelly's before and Hee Haw's, but I think I'd really enjoy going to the one you went to. I've never been down there before, but I've seen the place from the freeway (we drove all the way to Nephi to buy Smuckers).

CorayFam said...

Way cute blog!! I am glad I happen to come across it. You and your family are SO cute and fun!!

Kirsti said...

Looks like a blast! I'll have to take my childrens next year.

Jess&G Schonberg said...

Cute new pictures! I can not believe how big brooklyn is now! She definitly needs a sibling to play with :)

Jenn Douglas said...

YOur family is so cute and it looks like ya'll have alot of fun. I hope that we get to see you down at the alumni game in November.