Saturday, November 21, 2009

Time with Grandma and Grandpa Kelsch and other stuff...

Here are so more stuff we have done, all of this back in August and first of September when we first moved here. Enjoy! (I apologize for the blurriness of the pictures.... its the dern stinkin tootin camera! Hint Hint Matt....)

Brother Olin invited us out to watch the Red Wings baseball game based in Rochester! We had a great time and Brooklyn loved her hotdog, notice her chin with ketchup!

Adam you will appreciate this one, a horse made of mitts!

One night Matt went checked on Brooklyn and found this on her belly! You can't really tell from the picture but there is yellow rubber band around her waist which is holding the balloon upright so well on her stomach. Matt and I had such a good laugh out of this.

When we were in St. George just before we moved out here, the girls all made flower accessories and Brooklyn wanted her hair done just like Brielle's (in our recent Kelsch Family picture). She was so proud of her hair and wanted a picture of it!

So cute!

Hangin at a somewhat Mexican restaurant... Rochester is not known for Mexican food and my parents were in a great mood for some Mexican after traveling across the country eating fast foods... yeck! the thought of fast food still makes me sick, not becuase I am pregnant but because thats all we pretty much ate at on the way, cheap and quick....Ewww!

Brooklyn posing with Grandma and Grandpa... I love her smile!

Dad and I hangin out taking a rest from getting the house all set up... I sure miss and love you DAD!

Brooklyn loves to play with all the magnets on the fridge arranging them in different cute ways.

She loves to play with the dominoes and make train tracks out of them!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Continuation of things we have done since we have moved here...

During my parents stay at the beginning of our move here we were able to go and visit some church history sites. It was such a beautiful day and we were able to go on a Sunday after church. This was my parents first time as well as Brooklyn's first time visiting such a beautiful place! I am so glad Matt and I were able to be with them on their first trip to such wonderful places!
So sweet, innoncent and so full of spirit... Sitting in front of the Joseph Memorial Monument.

Grandpa Kelsch and Brooklyn making their way to the monument. Brooklyn loved being with Grandpa! She sure misses him!

I just loved this picture of Matt holding Brooklyn's hand on our walk up the Hill Cummorah trail to see the monument and over look the huge hill where the Gold Plates were buried. We tried to envision exactly what it would have been like for Joseph Smith as the hill was probably full of trees and shrubs as all the whole area around it is.

I love this picture! Its at the Palympra Visitor Center which is a neat place to visit! It just so happens that the mission president and wife that I served under during my mission in Portland, Oregon, now serve as the center directors of the visitor center! They are almost done with their calling and I was so glad to learn they would still be here when we moved here! I am bummed I did not get a picture with them.... Hopefull soon before they are finished.

Walking through the Scared Grove... I LOVE the Sacred Grove... I remember coming here just after I graduated from high school and it is still the same as I remember!

The Palmyra Temple in the background. The Sacred Grove is directly in front of us. If you ever have the chance to go visit the temple and do wonderful work, be sure to look for the specatular view of the Sacred Grove from one of the windows inside the temple. Matt and I recently had the opportunity to go to the temple and it was such an amazing feeling! We love it there!

I love the Scared Grove!

We were able to visit Niagra Falls on the US side since my parents werent able to cross into Canada (no passports) hopefully next time Mom and Dad!

It was quite wet! We came on a not so good day where it was raining but nevertheless we still enjoyed it, didn't we Grandma and Grandpa? haha (mom you will not be happy I posted this but I wanted a picture with you two near the falls!)

Matt wishin he could take a dive in the Niagara Falls river! BRRRRR!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Last night during our family time together Matt, Brooklyn and I sat down and put a list together of things we are THANKFUL for. Although November is the month known as THANKSGIVING we should always be thankful for things throughout the year. We want to share with you things we are thankful for, I am sure you will know which ones are Brooklyn's... She made us laugh... Such a sweet and kindred spirit she is...

Our Family
All the pretty colors on the tree
Daddy is going to school
Mommy doesn't have to go to work
Friends that we have made here
Matt doesn't lose his keys anymore
Brooklyn is thankful that she misses grandma
Family support back home
Brooklyn because she is a good helper
How pretty Brooklyn and Shari are
For the things that we have
That we are having another baby
Utah is undefeated in the MWC
That we can go to church
Time we get to spend together as a family
That we have a lamp
The beautiful nature around here
Food, in all of it's varieties
That our house is all set up
Text messaging (because I can't talk on the phone)
Brooklyn has brown yes just like Mommy
That we were putting our couch in the moving truck (so cute!)
We have the best Mommy in world!
Grandpa can talk to us on VP
The Holidays
That Jesus loves us
Sherrie is coming out for 3 weeks! (yes!)
When Shari and Brooklyn come eat with Daddy at work
That we can follow Jesus and the Prophet
That our family will be together forever
and so much more!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy October!

Here are some pictures of things that happened this past
month of October!

Brooklyn's pumpkin she made in preschool!

Her pumpkin on display in our home! I am so proud of her!

We went to Browns Berry Patch and picked some pumpkins for Brooklyn! Its such a fun place with yummy food, play stuff, "pick your own" raspberries, pumpkins, apples, etc. It's such a great family place! Brooklyn and I went with our Gals!

Steering the wheel!

She blends right in with the pumpkin patch!

We took pictures at the neat cemetery near our home! Its one huge cemetery and is nothing like I have ever seen before... Looks like a cemetery you would see in scary movie but it's such a neat place! Most of the time when we pass the cemetery Brooklyn says, "Mommy! People are just dying to get in there!" hahaha Daddy taught her that joke.

Making her scary witch face! (shutter...)

These are the kids of the cool mothers I hang out with! Aren't they adorable?
(L to R) Abigail, Madi, Brooklyn and Hazel

She loved being a "good" witch!

Yum Yum Yummy! All my candy!

Matt and I were invited to our friends 1920's murder mystery party! Luckily neither one of us was the murderer! We enjoyed a wonderful 4 course meal and enjoyed solving the mystery! It was so fun getting dressed up! Its been a few years since I have done that and I think I will continue to do it! SO FUN! Thanks Rachel and Jordan! (they are the 3rd couple from the left). Missing are Janelle and Jordan who were visiting back home in Utah. We missed you guys!

I am proud of my curls!