Sunday, November 14, 2010

All about Taylor

Fun moments in Taylor's life so far.

The queen bee of getting into everything and shoving it into her mouth! She loves this closet!

Overlooking Canandaigua Lake.

I often find her in this position... Babies sure are flexible!!

I love the greyish/blue almond shaped eyes!

Cords, cords, cords... She loves to be entangled, intertwined and holding onto cords... Not a good thing...

Her first time eating pretzels.

Loving this juicy nectarine!!

Look at me! I can stand all by myself!!

Grandma Kelsch sent her this pretty afghan and she loves to sleep with it... Thanks Grandma!!!

Is she a happy gal or what?

Her all time favorite thing to do... Markers in her hand and playing in the dish washer. I swear she has a radar for whenever the dish washer is open. She really enjoys pulling the tray in and out, in and out...

She got into the marker dry eraser. It looked worse than it did in the picture... She looks like she has a little scruffy beard.

Her favorite way to kneel!

Loving the rolls of toilet paper on the bathroom floor. Let's potty, let the good times roll!!!

Another thingamajig she loves to put her in mouth.. my iphone!!!

One thing... have you noticed how she looks so comfy all the time? No jeans, button up shirts. laces and such. When I had Brooklyn I had her dressed up all the time. I am sure she felt so uncomfortable... I told myself I would not dress Taylor like that. I guess you learn after you have your first child haha.