Sunday, November 14, 2010

All about Brooklyn

Fun moments in Brooklyn's life so far.

Her famous pucker lips pose!

First day of her 2nd year in preschool. She loves her teacher Mrs. Hadzima. She had her last year and we are all tickled she gets to be with her again!

We often have play dates and Lena is one of her good friends. I keep forgetting to take pictures of her other friends we have over but she loves play dates.

Making a mini sushi! We are working on her acquiring a good taste for this. Each time she tries it we say Isn't it so good! MMMMmmmm and each time her facial expression looks more Mmmmmmmm instead of eck!

What a doll... Saying I love you mom before going to school.

Coloring a shirt for Taylor. This was her idea and she was so excited to write Taylor's name.


Brooklyn's friend from preschool. They had fun in the rain!

Can she get any cuter? Miss Pucker lips

What a cute cowgirl!! Her preschool class had harvest day and each child was to dress up has a cowgirl or cowboy.

She came home with cute paintings of a candy corn and pumpkin. She had a great day and brought home some fun art!

Playing the stick pulling game!

We went to a farm where they had fun stuff do. Here are huge teepees that Indians built back then. This was used as a fun spook alley and inside the larger teepee there was about 100 carved pumpkins line around the wall all the way up with candles in each. It was amazing! The picture does not do its justics, it really was huge!! I ran out of camera battery...sigh... but we went on a spooky hayride into the woods. She was a little nervous it was so cute. We wish Matt could have been with us! He was busy at school.