Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fun Fun and lots of Fun!!

Some random pictures of all the fun we have been having!
We love all the new adventures!!!
Lake Champlain about 6 hours from where we live. We were invited to stay at a family cabin on the lake and had so much fun!!! Brooklyn's friends! They trio had so much fun together!

We stayed at the Baldwin Family's cabin. They are a fun bunch of people!!! It just so happens that Teresa, (the wife), is the sister of my friend who lived below Matt and I when we lived in Salt Lake!!! What a small world. The Baldwins live in a town called Sonyea about an hour from we live. They live on acres and acres of land. Its a pretty sight!!!

Matt doing some dusk fishing... Beautiful scenery....
The other side of Lake Champlain is Vermont. Matt swam half way across the lake and its several miles long. I kayaked along side with him and didn't think to bring my camera for this!!

Our private beach. Notice the cabin in the background... This was heaven!

Not sure what to think.... haha

Did I just see the famous monster in Lake Champlain? There is a rumor that there is sea monster in this lake... Of course I was a little nervous when we kayaked out to the middle of the lake.

I ran a half marathon back in September. It was in Syracuse about 1 1/2 hours from where we live. It was a beautiful sunny morning and got a little too warm doing the run. But it was all fun!!!

The Saturday morning running group. We ran together each Saturday morning for the long runs to prepare for the race. Rebe, me, Katie, Lisa, (Lisa's twin sister Linda I believe... she flew in from Arizona to run with us).

Another friend from the ward who also ran the race, Michael Bourne.

Proud of my time for a first time half maraton run

I had to post this funny picture. We had a farewell party at our home for Adriana who is now serving her mission in California. These two smeared cake all over each other.

The Schaefers are such an awesome family! They are from our ward and live about an 45 mins away in Mt. Morris. This Ranger is one heck of a fun ride!!! The only times we have ever ridden in it is at night with no light and just the headlights through the trees and brushes going at a great speed. They live on 100 acre land and so you can imagine how fun it is ride all over and through it!

We had a deaf group activity at the Schaefers where we had a bonfire, BBQ and some of us even slept over night!

Making smores!!!