Sunday, November 21, 2010

Oven-dried tomatoes and my birthday!

I love sun dried tomatoes but they are so expensive that I looked at one of my favorite websites, Our Best Bites and found this recipe for oven-dried tomatoes! They are heaven and make your house smell so yummy! Brooklyn wanted to help me in every possible way and she did such a great job!

Taking the stems off the tomatoes

Adding freshly ground pepper

Laying out the tomoates, not sure why she's making this face... Maybe it felt all slimy with the olive oil?

Drizzling olive oil

Topping tomaotes with fresh chopped garlic... smells strong!

And Viola!!! Ready for the oven! Don't they look yummy! 

It was my birthday this last week and Elder Peck and Halbert surprised me stopped by to say Happy Birthday! We invited them in for sushi and Matt taught them how to make it. This was Elder Halberts first time eating sushi... he is still working on acquiring a taste for it.

Look what the Elders surprised me with! Cold Stone!!! Cake batter ice cream with almonds and raspberry! It was heaven!!! Thanks Elders, you guys Rock!

Matt and the girls took me out later for a night of shopping! I got some pants and tops from one of my favorite stores, Buckle!!! Its the only place that sells pants long enough for my long legs! Afterwards, we stopped at our favorite grocery store, Wegmans... If you ever come to NY to visit us, you bet your bottom dollar we are taking you there! I picked out a delicious Italian Rum cake and oh my goodness! It was seriously the most moist cake I had ever eaten! We loved it and chowed it down! Thanks Matt, Brooklyn and Taylor for a wonderful night!! I love you!!!

I took Brooklyn to see the musical play, Annie! We both were so excited since we have watched that movie together so many times.

Getting ready to watch the show! Brooklyn is showing a new fashion statement with her cute headband. I pushed it back, she pulled it down, I pushed it back, she pulled it down... I gave up! She looks cute and the way she wears the band looks almost like the roaring 1920's! During the show Brooklyn leaned over and asked me, Mom can I do a play sometime?  I told her of course! Later, on the drive home, she said, Mom, I will wait to be in a play until I am like 6, 7, 8 or 9 cause then that way I won't be scared.  (I love this gal!)

Our wonderful friend and her dog as Sandy in the play. Karen Lyman (townsperson), her son Gus (Housekeeper) and their dog were in the play. Karen is in our ward and she is also my visiting teacher. I sure love her and her family!!! We can't wait for another musical to go to.