Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happenings this week....

I caught Taylor gnawing... nothing new.

She is already developing an attitude and didn't look too thrilled that I caught her! Notice the marker, she gnaws on that too...

Puckering her lips again... Love the boots she is wearing!

On her way to becoming a hair stylist. Brooklyn came running down the stairs one evening and paraded around the room to show us her stylish hair. She put them into pigtails with bows all by herself! She was so tickled!

Brooklyn and her friend Safari (long i sound). These two have so much fun together! Safari lives two doors down and he and his family moved in over the summer. They love to play on the tires across the parking lot, dig for treasures in our dirt patch and ride their scooters.

Our famous babysitter!! Cory is awesome with kids!! He and his brother Caleb are "The Ones" to babysit. All the kids love them and they love the kids!  Can you tell how much Taylor loves him? Now now Taylor, you are a little too young to have some kind of crush!

I received a birthday package in the mail and of course I loved the gifts my parents sent me (Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween decor...Love it Mom and Dad!). My gifts were wrapped in bubble wrap. Guess what Brooklyn loved...the bubble wrap! She was so excited to pop all the bubbles. She ran around the kitchen and would come running down, popping the bubbles! She sat and rolled on it too! Who knew bubble wraps could be so much fun?

Need I say more? LOL! This is going in Taylor's wedding video!

Playing in the dishwasher.... again....

Splash splash I love taking baths! Matt said this looked like an 80's picture, I agree.