Monday, October 20, 2008

Our 4th Wedding Anniversary!

Our 4th Wedding Anniversary was on Oct. 1st. Matt and I can't believe how fast our four years together has gone by. It makes us appreciate more the time we have together as a married couple because it's true when they say life flies by quickly as you get older.  Matt and I always talk about how we ARE going to grow old together and die together. Matt teases me that when we are really old and he has lost his hearing too, we will sit and repeat things to each other, "Honey, honey, what honey! I can't hear you! Can you speak a little louder? Honey....." 
Ha ha ha
I am excited to grow old and grey with you Matt! We have many fun years to look forward too!

For our anniversary, my parents gave us a gift card to the La Caille restaurant. They had gotten the gift card from someone but never got around to using it. We really appreciate them for giving it to us as we had such an enjoyable night. Neither one of us had been to the La Caille but had always wanted to try it. It's nothing that I had ever imagined it would be. Sooooo beautiful and enchanting! If you know me well enough I always talk about how I would love to live in Thomas Kincade's paintings. His paintings portray such comfort, security, peace and so enchanting. I always dream of living in a place he has created. Never did I think there was a place in Utah that could look so close to the painting! Matt and I were in awe as we drove up the long driveway with ponds on either side, lamp lights, flowers, birds and trees. We drove in a hummer that we have been "babysitting" for the past two months for a friend of ours and that made it more fun. We took some pictures for those who have not been there and encourage you to at least visit the place. 

The La Caille Restaurant in its beauty. We enjoyed a delicious meal and dream of going back for more! It just so happened that night they had some kind of charity and there was a firework show. It was so beautiful watching the fireworks among the trees and in the warm night. We saw goats walking around and even saw Frank Layden! Matt saw a table full of huge shrimp (for the charity people) and he wanted so badly to eat some so we ordered some for him as an appetizer. 

The pictures look beautiful but to see it with the naked eye is even better! Look at all the lights and the flowers. I love the cottage for the restaurant. It has such a castle feel to it without it being huge. 

Beautiful big white swans roamed the pond.

This hot guy just sat across from me at the table the whole night and I was thinking to myself, Man, what a hot guy! I am so lucky to have him! Look at him, he is such a sweet thang!
One of the few bridges at La Caille... We wanted to take a picture together but didn't find anyone close to ask so thats why we are in two separate pictures. 
He sure is one handsome husband!
Me on the bridge!

After a wonderful dinner, we headed over to Thanksgiving point and stayed at the nice hotel near there. We stopped at JCW's first and shared a yummy oreo shake! We had such a great time together and still even talk about what a fun date it was for the both of us. We are excited to celebrate many more anniversaries together! I love you Matt!


Matt and Shari Bailey said...

Thanks for everything Shari, I sure love you. That night was so fun!

Proud Momma said...

Happy Anniversary! That looks like fun and now I want to plan something like that for my anniversary next month!

Tamara said...

That looks like so much fun! I'm glad you had a good time. Congrats on four years together!

Kirsti said...

Shari - you're beautiful! So is Brooklyn, it's too bad she and Carson are cousins! :) I also wanted to give you the link to our blog

Jessica Salisbury said...

sooo cute! =) I was all smiles as I was reading your onto the DEAF story, which I can't wait to read, LOL. (being deaf myself...ya know!?)