Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Will our next baby look like her/him?

So if we were to have another baby girl or boy, Routan Baby Maker says chances are he/she would like this. Cute baby isn't it?  I am not sure where I see the resemblance.... Do you?

If she were a girl, her name would be Taylor (something) Bailey. If he were a boy, he would be named, Mason (something) Bailey.  And to answer your question, no I am not pregnant... :)


Loni said...

What a cutie, you should get working on getting that little guy here! Jax wants another cousin :)

Jessica Salisbury said...

Shari! I did it! Check your Sorenson email out and you will see the picture of MY baby! ahhs...PUUULLLLEEEAASSSEEE work on baby #2, would ya! ;) XOXO

Jessica Salisbury said...


I did mine and I sent it to your email address (Sorenson one)! =) It looks CUTEEEEEE! =) Work on baby #2, would ya!?

Adam & Alissa said...

Are you sure you aren't trying to announce something!?! Brooklyn was so fun to play hide and go seek with the other day! I love her! So bring on another cute Bailey kid for me to play with.