Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Deaf and in bed

So the last two nights I have accidentally locked my husband outside at midnight both times (since he works late).... Yes I know sad and mean heh? Well.... that's what you get for marrying deaf person honey! :)

Let me back up and tell you why he was locked out or why I accidentally locked him out. Over the past weekend Matt, Brooklyn and I went down to St. George to visit family and witness the baby blessing of my nephew, Kade Douglas Kelsch, Cameron's son. We had such a good time with all the family there and by Sunday night we get ready to go home around 6:30 pm. We brought with us both sets of keys to the car, Matt's and mine. There was one problem, Matt couldn't find his keys and we searched all over my sister's house a number of times to find those darn keys. We had to have them because there was only one key for the car Matt drives to work everyday and they were on his key set. So for 3 hours we are searching every room (especially the kids rooms since we had about 10 kids there at one point so we thought one of the kids might have taken them). Matt and Amie looked through 3 garbage bags, we searched outside with a flashlight, and many other places but to no avail. We decided at 11:30 pm it was time to head home since we both had to be at work the next morning and we would figure our car rides on the way home. The next morning while I am driving Matt to work, we get a call from Amie who was out running with Cameron. She said, that Cam new where the keys were.... he had hidden them from Matt! Hahahhaha I know what you're thinking, that you can't believe Cam would just let us search and even go home without the keys. Well, he actually didn't even know we were searching for them so he is pretty lucky! hahahahaha... So to get to the point of why Matt was locked out twice in a row in the cold night... I forgot that because he didn't have his key set back yet, he didn't have his house key to get in! How was I supposed to remember that he didn't have a key! :) I am so used to making sure the doors are locked before I go to bed. Both times Matt had to run to one of the townhomes being built and borrow the ladder and climb through the window... luckily the window was not locked! Or else he would have slept in the car! The 2nd time this happened Matt said he almost put the screen on top of me while alseep... I felt sooo bad..... but at the same time its pretty funny.... I blame Cam partially for Matt getting locked the first night (wink wink) but its totally my fault on the 2nd night. Dear Matt... this is what you get when you marry a deaf girl.... you get locked out because she can't hear the doorbell or knocks.

We have had some deaf moments and I am sure we will have more! :) I love you honey! Thanks for being such a sweetheart and loving me despite the times where you are locked out!


Stef and Aaron said...

That is pretty funny but sad too, tell matt that if it ever happens again to just come and knock on our door, we are usually up till about midnight anyway and don't mind being waken up in a situation like that if we are sleeping, we have an extra bed in the spare bedroom, anytime he needs it he can come on over!

Aimless said...

HAHAHAHAHA! That little story made me laugh so hard! My Matt told me a little about what happened but it was funny to read the whole thing for myself!

Brokyln is killing me in these pictures! She is just soooo precious and adorable! Can you send her up here for a week? I promise we'll give her back...maybe :)

I think about you all the time. Our hubbies talk all the time and my matt is always telling me what funny thing your matt says. I especially think about you with this signing class. It's only once a week so it's slow going but I know all my primary colors now and family names like unlce, aunt, cousin bla bla bla. I love it and I'm trying to keep up! And every time I go I'm just more and more impressed with you for knowing all this stuff already! Seems it would take a lifetime to master all this stuff as you have! haha!

love amie