Thursday, October 23, 2008


I wanted to share with you my first experience with canning! Well... My the first time canning as a Mom! I can vaguely remember my mom canning some applesauce when I was younger. I think that was the last time I was near any canning other than the Church Cannery.  I was able to can peaches, freeze peaches, can salsa and pears as well! They all taste so yummy! I wasn't so sure about the salsa but boy it was delicious! Add some cottage cheese and scoop some chips in it and there ya go! My brother Cody and Matt ate a whole jar themselves! 

I was happy to increase our food storage as I have been feeling guilty not having a "good supply" of food storage. I just get so overwhelmed so I never know where to start and then I just give up.... I do however have lots of cake mix and store bought peaches which make great homemade dutch oven peach cobbler! A friend of mine pointed out to me that those were great food storage items and I just didn't think of it that way but now I see that it can be! I just figure that I will be the peach cobbler lady if ever we all have to live on storage food. I am happy to share so in times of stress and you don't have food, come on over and I will make us some yummy peach cobbler! And now that I have my own canned peaches they will taste even better. I so look forward to next year for more canning! I can't wait!


Tamara said...

That is so cool! I want to do some canning next year. I got a couple of peoples' canned salsa this year so that I can try them out and decide which one I like best. Don't they look pretty sitting on your shelf?

Hannah said...

I found your blog when I was googling food storage.

If you ever need any food storage tips, or recipes using food storage food, feel free to check out our blog! I used to feel really overwhelmed about the whole thing too, but just doing it (and helping other people) has really helped me.

Good luck with your food storage!

Hannah @